The companion site to the new book on cell death


The Trailer

1. The Discovery of Apoptosis

2. Caspase (The Executioners)

3. Mitochondria (The Suicide Capsules)


4. Apoptotic Signals (The Sentencing)

5. Death in Disease (A Miscarriage of Justice)

6. Apoptosis in Other Animals

7. Questions and Controversies

8. The Evolution of Apoptosis


One response

  1. Doug Green

    Oops. In the History of Apoptosis, I mispronounced “Virchow” and completely got this wrong: The 19th century neurobiologist was, of course, Ramon y Cajal. My fault for doing this off the top of my head! Apologies.

    December 8, 2010 at 4:19 pm

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